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Our purpose

Sensitive to the fact that the world's populations are aging and realizing the growing need for health care, our mission is to develop innovative solutions that optimize current practices while decreasing inherent costs.

To do so, MEDN reinvents everyday tools to maximize their usefulness, improve their ergonomics, and increase their performance.

Our vision is clear; to redefine standards to better meet current, fluctuating and future needs. In a context of accelerating labor shortages, our adaptive products also aim to improve the efficiency of caregivers.

MEDN combines the expertise and know-how of multidisciplinary specialists to develop tomorrow's new essentials today.

Benefits for the entire network, nothing less.

"To truly help those who help, we must improve today's processes in anticipation of tomorrow's needs. "

- jean-françois poisson, FOUNDER & CEO| medn
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MEET Osmo™,

MEDN introduces OSMO™, a smart hygiene care unit providing complete hygiene services in less than 10 minutes.
OSMO™ enables efficient, customizable and intuitive care for the benefit of all parties involved.

OSMO™ eases the burden on caregivers, in addition to reducing the risk of injury during patient transports due to its ergonomics.
OSMO™ also takes into account the resident's level of autonomy, vulnerability, anxiety, and modesty, their level of intimidation with unfamiliar technologies, and their need to be treated with respect and dignity.
OSMO™ holds a multitude of innovative features that facilitate both the delivery and reception of care services. Its integrated management platform stores and processes data, providing a detailed overview at all times.

MEDN brings together technological innovation, multidisciplinary specialists and extensive research processes in order to develop more powerful, adaptive, and useful tools - for everyone.

Meet the team

behind our technological innovations

Jean-François Poisson
Founder & CEO
Amélie Déry-Locas
Executive Vice President
Marc Hoffman-Zukowski, ing.,
B.Sc. Phys., M.Eng., PMP
Renaud Robert
Marie-Andrée Poudrette
Chief Partnerships Officer (CPO)
Tanya Doan
Marketing Coordinator




ceo, fondateur
Visionnaire dans l’âme et entrepreneur dans l’ADN, Jean-François est propriétaire fondateur de ses entreprises depuis plus d’une décennie.

Il peut attribuer son succès à son instinct innovateur qui l’amène à développer des projets à la fois avant-gardistes et créateurs de valeur pour la société.




cTo, fondateur
Inventeur, créatif et passionné de technologie, Olivier possède 6 ans d’expérience en conception de fabrication et est impliqué dans différents projets d’ingénierie dont la Formule SAE.
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