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Our mission

At MEDN, we supply technological, adaptive, and efficient instruments. Subsequently, this improves the quality of life for individuals with loss of autonomy as well work conditions for healthcare professionals.


Offer technological innovations for the benefit of everyone.


Provide well-adapted products for residents and caregivers in order to improve their quality of life.


Offer solutions that promote efficiency and profitability to provide everyone with access to quality care.

osmo, adaptation is key

MEDN is developing OSMO, an intelligent hygiene care station with the objective of solving a problem that affects the privacy and dignity of elderly people in residential centers.
OSMO allows them to benefit from their right to health and personal hygiene with dignity, in an efficient and personalized manner.
OSMO makes it possible to lighten the workload of nursing assistants, in addition to reducing the risk of injury during patient transport.
OSMO improves current working methods with its ergonomic and easy-to-use design. OSMO takes into account the resident's level of autonomy, vulnerability, anxiety and modesty, his degree of intimidation in the face of unfamiliar technologies and his need to be treated with respect and dignity.
OSMO has a host of well-thought-out features that allow agents to save time and be more efficient in their work tasks. OSMO therefore manages to offer better quality care more effectively.
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A visionary and entrepreneur at heart, Jean-François has founded several companies over the past two decades.
He can attribute his success to his creative instinct which motivates him to develop projects that are innovative and human-centred.




Inventive, creative and passionate about technology, Olivier has 6 years of experience in manufacturing design and has been involved in various engineering projects including Formula SAE. His intrinsic motivation is to improve the quality of people's lives through technology.




ceo, fondateur
Visionnaire dans l’âme et entrepreneur dans l’ADN, Jean-François est propriétaire fondateur de ses entreprises depuis plus d’une décennie.

Il peut attribuer son succès à son instinct innovateur qui l’amène à développer des projets à la fois avant-gardistes et créateurs de valeur pour la société.




cTo, fondateur
Inventeur, créatif et passionné de technologie, Olivier possède 6 ans d’expérience en conception de fabrication et est impliqué dans différents projets d’ingénierie dont la Formule SAE.
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